Brock Unloading Augers

A System You Can Grow With

Brock’s HARVEST-TIME® Bin Unloading System is Different by Design: it’s a “two for one” system. This means that you get an under-floor auger conveyor combined with a floor sweep – all economically driven by a single electric motor.
With Brock’s HARVEST-TIME Unloading System, you can choose the components that best suit your needs:

  • A smooth-working HARVEST-TIME Unloader and Power Sweep combination that can be operated from outside the bin.
  • The HARVEST-TIME Unloader by itself can be used with a center pivot to connect to an already existing portable sweep.


Hutchinson Unloading Augers

The Integrated Unloading System
Operated completely from outside the bin

One motor on the exterior power head operates both unloading auger and bin sweep.

The base unit includes:

  • Center power well and roller supported gate with gear boxes
  • Bin sweep with back-up shield and reduction wheel
  • Under-bin tube & auger
  • Appropriate number of intermediate wells with roller supported gates
  • Special bin wall flange
  • Control Pipe Kit with Lever Opener

Power Heads include Horizontal, 25° Incline or Vertical (shown on back page). Low-Boy power heads are available (in any length between 20′ and 50′) to return grain to a center pit in circular bin arrangements.

All power heads attach with a square stub to make moving from one bin to another more time-efficient.

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