Transport Augers



When quality counts, Hutchinson delivers with the most impressive collection of operating and construction features available on any portable grain auger today.

Galvanized or Powder Coated Finish
The main tube features galvanized or durable powder coated steel for rugged dependability and extended life. Heavy-duty aircraft cable with trussing aid in supporting the main auger
Sealed Oil Bath Drive
The sealed oil bath drive adds years of life to the drive chain and sprocket as a result of constant self-lubrication. 12″ model includes fabricated steel housing, sealed for oil retention. All drivelines are solid steel and supported by low maintenance sealed bearings.
Elevates and Lowers Smoothly
The undercarriage slides on four nylon rollers for smoother operation and reduced winch load. The dual angle iron track is on the 6″, 8″ and 10″ models. A box channel is used on the 12″ model.
Manual or Powered Lift System
A manual winch is standard equipment with labor saving hydraulic or electric winch options available. Hydraulic winch standard on 12″ x 71′ & 81′ models.


WR Series Grain Augers are Engineered for Safety, Dependability and Value.
Westfield augers are engineered and designed for its particular size. So things like weight and strength are properly proportioned, balance is correct, and everything fits and works like it should.
Westfield still gives you the biggest choice in the industry. Pick the exact size, capacity and drive style you want. Select from 6”, 8” or 10’’ diameters in lengths from 26’ to 71′. Choose from PTO belt or shaft drive, gas motor and two electric motor drives depending on your needs and preference.
When you compare design, construction and choice with price, we think you’ll agree Westfield gives you top value. A well built, well designed hard working auger that’s very economical. And isn’t that what you really want in an auger.


Batco Belt Conveyors:

Gentle Handling
Specialty crops, seed and some commodities are very susceptible to impact
damage caused by conventional grain handling systems.  A Batco Belt Conveyor
minimizes impact damage and helps protect grade quality and germination
performance of seed.
Low Horsepower
Batco’s unique design requires half the horsepower of screw augers, saving
energy and freeing up larger tractors for other uses.
High Capacity
All Batco Conveyors are designed and built for high-capacity and performance at a maximum operating angle of 30”.  Capacity increases as the angle of elevation decreases.
Clean Convenience
Self-cleaning feature enables fast changover to other commodities without contamination.
Low Maintenance/Long Wear
Engineered, designed and built for rugged, long-lasting performance with heavy-duty features like our quality 2-ply rubber belting rated at 3,000 hours.

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