Benefits of Span-Tech Fabric Buildings


The fabric structure designs are professionally engineered. Compare our building with any other. You will generally find higher and steeper arches, greater chord depths, more purlins per bay and more webbing between truss chords. Compare the weight of our buildings.
Typically, you are getting a lot more building at a competitive price.


Span-Tech buildings can be equipped with various doors to allow a balance between ease of access and control of environment. From canvas roll-up doors to completely open fronts, our buildings can provide the access you need.
We offer sizes up to 18′ wide.


We use standard 12 ounce( 0.5) per square yard material constructed of high density scrim….overlapped for superior strength, flatness and tear properties. A 4.0 mil coating is applied to each side for abrasion and pressure resistance and for seam integrity. Fire retardant, insulated, 18 and 22 ounce materials are also available.

 X Bracing – FOR STRENGTH:

Our standard design buildings all feature purlin X braced purlins – not straight runs. Our X design provides superior strength. Our buildings do not move as much during moderate to strong winds because of our X design and cabling. 


We have more cabling in out buildings than cometing designs. We use heavy duty turnbuckles – double nutted so they cannot twist. We double clamp the cable ends. X-bracing the purlins and cabling gives us superior strength and lateral bracing.

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